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Masters of Computer Science

2018 - 2019

Chapman University

Bachelor of Computer Science

2014 - 2018

Chapman University


Research Assistant

Chapman Rinker

Nov 2017 - Present

Worked with Professor Soangra and developed tools for physical therapy. This work focused on providing treatment through the use of and design of embedded devices. Provides non-invasive intervention methods as an alternative means of treatment.

  • Built custom board around an AVR microcontroller and flashed it with custom AVR code
  • Designed custom layouts to interface with embedded components and sensors
  • Designed a PCB in kicad and had the final board manufactured from a fab facility. This is a miniaturization of the orignal stack of boards.
  • Developed QT app for data collection for Mbient sensors.

Intern Computer Programmer

LCPtracker, inc

Jun 2015 - Aug 2015

Built a mobile app that provided workflow tools for collecting on-site signatures.

  • Implemented a mobile Xamarin application for labor compliance.
  • Implemented MVVM patterns and repository patterns for an Sqlite backend
  • Implemented a way to consume API request from an ASP.NET server.

Voxx Climate Research In Association With Chapman University

Voxx Analytics - Chapman University Research Collaboration

Dec 2017 - Present

Worked on research related to analyzing climate papers from Web Of Science, and NSF.

  • Built a web scraper in nightmare.js to scrape data from Web of Science (WOS), a research paper index, and also collected data from NSF grant database
  • Used dplyer and R to clean and remove duplicates from WOS
  • Used Docker and Postgres to query and combine data and the final model was built in R with the cleaned data dumpped from postgres.

Google Code-in Mentor


Nov 2017 - Jan 2018

The main goal of Google Code in(GCI) is to introduce students to open source development. Terasology was one of these organization that was involved with GCI.

  • Helped students learn the in and outs of open source development and also provided support when finishing tasks
  • Helped students refine their work that actively improves Terasology
  • Reviewed work submitted by a student (code review, documentation review, javadocs, etc…)
  • Students worked on tasks that contributed work to Terasology that include: Terasology Modules, Engine, UI, User Documentation, Javadocs, research, etc …
  • Selected as mentor to visit Google campus.



A QT tool that interfaces with Mbient sensors for the use of streaming and collecting live data.

Mini Data Capture

An Arduino based logger that interfaces with an ICM-2048 and saves the resulting data to an SD card. - The data is saved at a rate of 500hz

Slice To Dye

SLice is a twitch based 2D hybrid action-puzzle game with a story, that is best described as a mixture of Fruit Ninja and Spuzzies. The entire game revolves around color theory. It also includes special abilities, equipment, and varying enemy types. SLice starts off easy, slowly wading players into the full suite of mechanics.


Caketominoes is a VR game based mainly around the concept of pantomimes.

  • implemented mechanics to pick up and snap blocks to a board
  • modeled a lot of the elements that appeared in the kitchen


A simple Match 3 game revolving around combining elements to form other elements and vise versa. This game was developed in unity3d and featured a selection of small self contained levels and an infinite mode of play.


Momentus is a simple space game where the basic goal is to bring resources back to the home planet. This game was featured in the 2013 IEEE Game Sig and came in second place. This game won best game and best astroid game. I worked on major parts of the ui.

Core Logic Challenge 1

  • Worked on data provided by Core Logic
  • downloaded and parsed SRTM data
  • Provided visualizations that showed the elevation of the house and information about the view of the house from bodies of water



Jan 2015 - Now

UCI Video Game Development Club (VGDC)

2011 - 2015

Chapman UX Society

2011 - 2015