Google Code-In Trip

09 Feb 2019

Google was very accommodating for the GCI and overall I thought it was a really great experience. We had the chance to listen to various googlers speak about their work and what they’ve been working on. This includes: project FI, Waymo, chrome books, and open source copyright. The talks we’re spaced out on the second and final day of the trip. I had the chance to interact with other open source organizations: Ubuntu and Apertium.

The second day of the trip was a tour of the Google main campus. @eviltak and @TheGhostInTheMachine were provided trophies along with all the other students on the trip. Google provided lunch from their cafeteria along with dinner and breakfast in the main lobby area. Afterwards everyone had the chance to buy from the google store with 75$ of credit. This region of the campus also had an area dedicated for the various versions of android and a community center showing off early Google.

For the fun day, there are two options. you can either ride on the segway or the tram car tour of san franscisco. @eviltak and @TheGhostInTheMachine rode on the tram while I went on the Segay tour. the Segway tour starts with an introduction, safety and basic practice. The rest of the trip mainly went through Fisherman Warf. The stops include: Saints Peter and Paul Church, Coit tower, through the boardwalk, ghirardelli square, the pier and back to the start. Afterwards Google provided lunch at a local bar and a bus ride to the Golden Gate Bridge. I had a chance to walk across the entire bridge and back. Afterwards the bus drove everyone to nearby pier and the trip concluded with dinner on a yacht through the bay.

I had a chance to meet up with both @eviltak and @TheGhostInTheMachine and talk with them over the trip. I had a chance to talk about what I’ve been working on in regards to GCI and personal research and learn about their background.